Express Detailing

Water spot removal mirror


Water spot removal window

Starting at $25.99/window or $69.99/all windows

Water Spot Removal

Full Body Starting at $69.99 or Full Body and All Windows Starting at $119.99

Headlight Protection


Headlight Restoration

Starting at $69.99/pair or $89.99/split pair

Hand Wash with Vacuum & Windows Cleaned

Starting at $59.99

Vehicle washed individually by attendants using lamb’s wool mitts. There are no friction machines to assist in washing your vehicle.

·Interior vacuumed

·A thorough cleaning of the car’s interior and exterior windows

·Doors are wiped down and the dash and center console are dusted

·Clean rims, wheels, & tires

·ArmorAll© applied to tires

Hand Wax

Starting at $75.99

The complete vehicle is waxed with a wax applicator on flat surfaces, and by hand in hard to get areas.

·Wax applied & removed by hand

·Tires dressed

·Rims cleaned

·Includes Full Service car wash

Hand Wax and Simoniz© Carpet and Mats Shampoo

Starting at $119.99

(can be steamed instead – at your request)

·Wax applied & removed by hand

·Carpets & Mats (up to 4) shampooed or steamed and cleaned

·Tires dressed

·Rims cleaned

Includes Full Service car wash

Simoniz Carpet Shampoo

Starting at $55.99

(can be steamed instead – at your request)

A precise machine shampooing of interior carpets to 

improve the life of the carpet and its appearance.

· Clean carpets and mats (up to 4) using low speed rotary pneumatic brushes

· Remove most stains and dirt from carpets

· Extract all excess dirt and soil with a wet/dry vacuum and absorbent towels

Simoniz Upholstery Shampoo

Starting at $21.99/seat or $29.99/bench (car wash required before this service).

· This procedure is done with a low speed pneumatic rotary brush· Remove most stains and dirt from seats· Extract all excess dirt and soil with a wet/dry vacuum and absorbent towels

Simoniz© Interior Leather Cleaning & Dressing

Starting at $21.99/seat, or $29.99/bench (car wash required before this service)

·A deep cleaning and conditioning of all automotive leathers.

·Will restore the original look, soft feel, and smell of new leather

Aquapel Glass Treatment

Starting at $15.99 (car wash required before this service)

This is a patented hydrophobic glass treatment formula which is applied to the exterior of the vehicle glass, leaving the surface water resistant. Rain and other precipitation will roll off to dramatically improve driver’s vision.  See an example of Aquapel treated vs. untreated windshield to the right.

·An advanced rain repellant glass treatment which dramatically improves visibility in all types of weather.

·Single treatment lasts up to 6 months. 

·Lasts up to 6 times longer than other glass treatments

Carpet and Upholstery Protection

Starting at $39.99 (car wash required before this service)

Protect the fabrics in your car and keep the interior spotless longer by forming an invisible barrier around each fiber to stop spills, dirt, salt and moisture from penetrating into the fabric. 

·This will help maintain vehicle to aid in resale value and preserve the original color and beauty of upholstery.


Convertible Top Cleaning and Conditioning

Starting at $49.99

Canvas and vinyl tops cleaned to remove grease, dirt, mildew, insect residue, and tress sap. Preserve and protect the fabric from UV ray damage which causes color fading. Treated surfaces also repel dirt and moisture.Combines our Simoniz higest class synthetic wax service with the Clay Bar detail for one discounted price.

“By the Hour” Environmental Damage Detailing


  • Environmental Damage / Acid Rain

    • Industrial pollutants and emissions drift into the air and may combine with rain, snow or morning dew to form acids. These diluted acids settle on the vehicle’s surface and as water evaporation occurs, the acid becomes of a higher concentration and may damage the surfaces, leaving slight depressions or craters.


  • Organic Airborne Materials

    • Acidic properties in bird droppings, insects, trees, and pollen may cause organic damage to painted surfaces. If not treated, in time these and other organic materials may result in paint degradation.


  • Line Paint

    • Line paint from our streets is a very common type of epoxy-based reflective overspray that attaches and embeds to the top coat of the car's finish. This coating generally cures within moments of the damage occurring.


  • Tar & Sap Removal

    • You can remove sticky substances a lot better if you tackle them right away. Tar can be dissolved with a petroleum-based cleaner, or with a citrus-based degreaser. The trick is to find products that won't harm the vehicle's paint or vinyl trim. We use products designed to remove tar and sap, not something found in the back of your garage.

    • Sap is more stubborn, especially the sap from evergreen trees which is extremely sticky. If you attack sap right away, you can use a tar remover to release the cohesion. If it has been on long enough to harden, you'll need help from a bug block. Bug blocks also help remove aged tar. Always follow sap removal with a light paint cleaner and wax. In fact, several coats of a top of the line paste wax will provide a barrier between the paint and either of these contaminants.


  • Swirl Marks

    • If you look at your car under a bright light, for example sunlight, sometimes you may see very thin scratches in the paint. There can be lots of these, like someone has draped multiple spider   webs across the paint.   

    • These tiny scratches are catching the light such that it masks the color underneath and you don't see it. This robs the paintwork of its true deep color.


  • Poor Wash Technique - washing using a sponge traps grit between the surface of the sponge and the paint, dragging sharp grit across the paint and scratching it.  

  • :You cannot achieve a brilliant non-swirl shine with only a layer of wax and a buffer. Scratches, swirls and other imperfections must be removed by either a compound or wet-sand process.

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